Mindfulness in Prisons Project

The Mindfulness in Prisons Project

Mindfulness in Prisons is our flagship project, which is aimed at reducing the costs of re-offending by creating a more mindful culture in prisons.

We are running fund-raising initiatives to help us kick-start this challenge, to help improve rehabilitation and mitigate the effects of poor mental health conditions on the inside. of All the current proceeds from the AMA are to support this project, and you can support the launch and development of this movement by trying the Today Mindfulness Course.

By learning to build mindfulness practice into your daily routines, you can come to see the opportunity each day to overcome self-limiting habits and experience the benefits of a personal understanding and experience of practising mindfulness. This is our approach through the Mindfulness in Prisons Project; to support prisoners and staff to develop a more mindful culture, and to help develop personal strategies for dealing with the most challenging aspects of living and working in difficult environments.