Today Mindfulness Course

Today Mindfulness Course

Too often is meditation instruction inaccessible, expensive or not adaptable to our individual needs and lifestyles. The Today Mindfulness Course will support you from whatever level of understanding and experience you have of practising mindfulness, to being able to use daily tasks as anchors for meditation practice, to extend your meditation and overcome the challenges to it, and to understand and experience the benefits of mindfulness in whatever avenue of life you pursue.

It’s easy to link practising mindfulness with the idea of emptiness, nothingness or some concept of it not having an immediate or practical application in the real world. In reality it is actually fully engaging in the moment, and being truly aware of something.

This course offers you the opportunity to gain some practical understanding of how a practice of mindfulness can be structured into your daily routines, and how this can be of benefit to your personally. The content is aimed at improving understanding and experience of meditation in different forms, and how to develop your own practice around the routines and responsibilities of day to day life.

This course contains:

  • 11 videos and 10 audios, totalling 4 hours

  • course booklet to guide you through the course and provide further information

  • a bonus 1 hour one to one session you can book after the course, where we’ll produce a personalised video and/or audio along the guidelines you suggest